Reimagine CBC

I was going to wait until I felt better and the Buckleys wore off, but maybe this mushy love everything  (though still sick as a dog)  feeling is helpful hehe. My vocabulary is going to suck and brain will make up words.. this will be good..

There is a Reimagine CBC brainstorming going on right now. In my drugged up mood I am feeling ridiculously patriotic and so excited imagining what CBC could be. CBC is Canada. I really do love CBC, I don’t want to lose it.

What I would love to see is for CBC to open itself up to us and we embrace it. CBC being a part of us. This is a country of passionate, innovative people and if CBC trusted us, I am sure we would catch it.

Media seems to be my thing lately, it’s my crack. I’m such a consumer, I devour news. The thing is, we are so hungry for real news that we seem to be searching it out in non-mainstream ways. We are watching AJE, TYT etc. RT and Press TV keeps coming up in my facebook feeds and twitter  (I am not going to comment on that but.. ) What this says is that we aren’t trusting the mainstream and they are not giving us the news we want. We are searching out blogs, where the real reporting seems to take place. I could sit here and tell you stories about how ignored and condescended to while I have been trying to get coverage for Naser.. The news seems to be blogs and twitter, then once it gets buzz it ends up on the news. This bugs me.

if I could close my eyes and dream up a total NEWS experience this would be it: (yes a lot is AJE but they are the best):

– Unleash the journalists. Sky and BBC seem to be trying to muzzle theirs right now. But see here’s the thing, to get into this line of work, it’s something you love, something you are passionate about. Sure there will always be floaters, but for the most part, these are educated, well read, observant people. They know where the lines are. They are passionate about their craft. Let them write their stories. Accept bias and give full disclosure. Let them have opinions on twitter. let them share other reporter’s work and discuss it. You build trust that way. I have faith that you know what you are talking about when you can hold conversations about it. I know that it is about the story when you share someone else’s work. We all win when we widen our circles.

News isn’t just a clip on TV anymore. We can follow the stories until they reach their conclusion now between twitter, blogs and news. Let the reporters follow along as well and share what comes up. We appreciate it and it builds relationships.

– We don’t need big fancy sets and studios. Let’s get real, it’s all nice and shiny on tv and all but I am just as interested in the David Pakman show and TYT as CNN .. ok that’s a lie. CNN pisses me off and I change the channel. 😀 If I has the choice between a nice set or a correspondent bringing me real news from the other side of the world, I’ll take the news.

– Breaking news. News breaks on Twitter. They can try to stop it and keep their reporters from breaking it there but we will just hear it from someone else. You’re just taking yourself out of the equation. Now that Twitter has told me what’s happening, I’m flipping channels trying to find it on TV. I want a live feed if there is one, and what you know. Don;t sit there and make stuff up. But if you don’t know anything tell us you don’t know anything and let us know that you are aware of it and will being it to us as soon as you do. It’s so frustrating flipping channels when something big is going down and I can’t find it anywhere.

– I love Al Jazeera’s website. I love that I can find videos of all the programs, blogs, in depth etc. I can spend hours there going through news. (their search sucks though) Even if I didn’t have AJE on my tv, because of how amazing that site it, I would still be getting so much of my news there. I love the blogs, I love the journalists and that people have a place to put their stuff out there. I probably read those more than anything else.  Give it a Huffinton Post type section.. Let discussions flow

– Youtube the stories. I am all over their youtube. Not sure why when I am on their site, but I am. I like sharing those to facebook better. Maybe because of the thumbnail.

-I also follow them and a bunch of their shows on facebook where discussions have room to happen and I can easily share what I have seen.

– Interaction. I can’t emphasize this enough. Engaging with the people making the news, the people watching the news.. you get huge loyalty and it shows that you care and that you are a real person. We forgive more easily when you make mistakes and we become much more protective of you.

-People make the news, people live the news, maybe ireports are a good thing to go with too. Have a place where people around the world can tell us their stories.

-For what it covers, I really want to know what is going on in the world. I don’t want to hear about celebrities, marketing (Like tim hortons cups sizes.. NOT NEWS), and I don’t want wall to wall coverage of the american primaries.. (yeah talking about YOU aje.. grrr) yes, we need the fluff stories so we don’t go nuts, but there’s a lot better people to hear about than them.

-I would love to see CBC go from mainstream to almost guerrilla news. Go be the truth vigilantes, bring us the real stories other don’t want to tell. Let those reporters and journalists follow their passions and trust them to send you in the right direction. We know truth when we see it. We know passion when we see it. We will make the noise and get it out there, whether twitter, facebook, youtube, blogs or podcasts. Just give us the product..

Innovate your reach with the web and social stuff and maybe with an engaged audience it will come back to tv. We are moving from one era to another and I think CBC should go blaze a trail and let us help them along.

From everything I keep running across, reporters out there want something better, the people want something better.. and hey, we have a station with a good reputation, experience, talented people and the goodwill of most of Canada! And CBC seems to be finding themselves on the cusp.. In my Edmonton feed alone there are so many people who talk about news and where it’s going and how it should get there.. it’s those passionate people who should be out there showing the way for OUR CBC  ❤