Last night this came through my feed- It’s a bunch of ebooks you can download, for free! I’m pretty cheap when it comes to books. Normally I go through one every 2-3 days and it gets to be an expensive habit. I scour garage sales and used bookstores to get a good stash so I don’t get stuck with John Grisham brain fluff books. Yes, I do judge you on the books you are selling at your garage sale, but you are not allowed to judge me for what I buy for a quarter 😀

As I was going through the list and getting all excited, I realized that I’m not reading less this last year because of all the news I am consuming, I am reading less because I keep getting stuck on books that I feel I have to read instead of reading what I enjoy. I get worried about expanding my bubble but if I don’t like it I don’t HAVE to read it.

When I made my Goodreads list I was trying to remember the books I read and liked so I could get decent recommendations. My brain hurt and I gave up. Then I found the iphone app and the barcode scan and ended up scanning my bookshelf instead. When I went back to rate my books I was giving almost everything 4 or 5 stars. I started reading the ratings on some of the books I loved and people were giving 2 star crappy, pretentious reviews. I have come to these conclusions: 1. I don’t finish books I don’t like. 2. I sell books I don’t like at my garage sales :p 3. I am a reader, not a writer and I don’t have to rip apart and analyze a book, I can and do simply read it to enjoy it and hear what it tells me.

My conclusion is that this year I am going to read books I like and not get hung up on the ones I don’t, no matter how bad I feel about not finishing them.  The Obama books are going into the garage sale pile, I just don’t care. Blackwater is back on the bookshelf. As much as I want to know what’s in it, I can’t get past it sourcing everything it tells me and it just feels unreadable. I am hoping it ends up like War and Peace, which sat on my shelf for a year before I read it. As soon as I finished that book I read it again, it was sooo good. Maybe I just need to be in that frame of mind.


(oh, and in case anyone reads this.. the birth date on my Goodreads profile is totally true. Shush)


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