After my post about the smaller stories I want to remember, I thought maybe I need to throw in some parts of the big stories I don’t want to lose either. (Japan, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria etc) Those for the most part will always be one google away.

Feb 17th in Bahrain will always be stuck, this article is the one that struck me the most, that makes me feel less crazy. It is weird how what you see in the thick of it gets morphed and details stop showing up and the truth changes. I have no faith in history now, and I am much more firm in my belief that religion is corrupt. This is what happened when a story gets told and it gets revised, details change for whoever is telling the story’s purpose.  Speaking of which, I really miss the Bahrain Independent 😦


Apathy toward international affairs evident in the Okanagan

“A sea of Saudi military tanks, taking back the Pearl Roundabout. An overtaking of Salmaniya Hospital. An order given that doctors not treat protesters suffering from injuries.

A rumour that over 50 bodies were taken across the bridge to Saudi Arabia in three refrigeration trucks.

An email warning in my inbox to not go to work and stay indoors.

A steady stream of propaganda from Bahrain TV. A label of sectarianism. A switch from rubber bullets to live ammunition. A higher death toll.”


Watching that night unfold on twitter was surreal. The disregard for human life, the pettiness of ‘royals’, the injection of a picture of a child who had actually been killed by a dog.. malicious and sick. Humanity is fucked up and I watched it in all its glory that night. In an odd way I’m glad there are so many ‘eggs’ they are the true face of all that is wrong with the world.


I am trying to back away from news over Christmas, but hopefully my senses will have healed enough by the new year to write about torture. Torture has popped up over and over again this year, and it is the thing that gets me the hardest. Not just Bahrain, it pops up in almost everything and I just can’t wrap my head around how it is so common in 2011. How have we not evolved? How do we still treat people like they are less than human. If this happened to a dog, people would be up in arms all over (not that it should happen to dogs either), but a human being.. meh..




“Several reports are coming out that police have not “allowed” press to cover parts of the police movement. This Fox affiliate explained that they negotiated coverage with LAPD to establish “ground rules” to keep the “situation under control.””


30 Minutes of freedom 

“20 February i was in a protest in Tripoli like allot of people , wanting Gaddafi to stop the killing in Benghazi . Gaddafi’s forces was all over the city . all of the sudden they all left the streets very fast … news was spread about Gaddafi going to Venezuela . for a while we had almost ” 30 Minutes of freedom ”


Loss and Hope

Shifting winds blowing more than 100 km per hour drove a wildfire straight at the town of 7,000. It leveled more than 700 homes and businesses — a third of the entire community — and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

There are nearly 300 AUPE members in the Slave Lake area, including health care workers, forestry workers, school division and college employees, staff in government offices, ATB Financial staff and others. Many were among those who lost their homes and nearly everything they owned.”


Oooh and a lovely post on how much the term Canadian of convenience pisses me right off. It absolutely disgusts me.

And then a post on how many Canadians seem to be stuck in other countries with stupid charges that our gov doesn’t give a shit about.

Anyway, I will throw more links in here as they come up..


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