I had a conversation the other day about how the media lies. While wandering through youtube looking for a clip that still sticks 6 months later, I stumbled across something else that torments my brain.

I seem to be traumatized by the sheer volume of torture stories I see on twitter and on the news. When people get released in Bahrain, I am happy they finally get to go home and their families know they are Ok, then I start to dread hearing the stories of torture that start to surface, the pictures peppering my feed.

The thought that someone can do this to another human being astounds me. What kind of sick world do we live in where people take pleasure in doing this to people.

Talking to people all over the world now, I get this reaction all the time: “Oh, you’re Canadian, I love Canadians. I have never met one I didn’t like”.. this isn’t once or twice, this is over and over again. I have begun to wonder if we don’t give assholes passports. I know lots of Canadians I don’t like.

Then they talk about how lovely it supposedly is here, and don’t get me wrong, it is. But with our reputation we should sure as hell be doing a lot more. But we don’t. We sit back and keep our heads on the sand and let our values erode.

I watched this documentary today. Watch it. All of it.

The Torture Business -Canada

After that I watched this (Both parts)

I will get back to the rest in another post. With all of the videos and reading this will be long enough as it is. And I have turned a little tl;dr lately.

Assuming you have WATCHED the videos. Seriously, stop for an hour or so and watch.

The RCMP have handed over information all over the world, to governments they knew were torturing, to the US. They let our citizens be rendered.

This is old news, right? This stuff happened in 2004..why are we worrying? Well, it doesn’t seem to have stopped and no one seems to care. We should be caring. And I would like to think our government that is simply impotent and not evil, but my world has turned on its head the last few months. Maybe it’s time to get a tin foil hat before the man on my tv tells me to do things.. but then, I dunno.. the dots are sitting there screaming to be connected..

Now let’s get to what’s happening here NOW:

Access to our online information without warrants – Lawful Access: spyware for cops

This has come up on Twitter a couple of times, but no one seems to care. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why worry? (once again, did you watch the videos?) What if you talk to someone who is being watched by the RCMP? What if you come across an article you think is full of shit and do your own research. Will you end up flagging yourself as someone who is scary? What if they take those checks and balances away that our justice system relies on? Then somewhere down the road they decide something YOU are doing, even though you aren’t one of THOSE people, is wrong but you handed that right over? How easy will it be to get that right back? They don’t seem that easy to come by from what I am watching go down all over the world.

Now, let’s add this into the mix.

“Wanted by the CBSA

These individuals are the subject of an active Canada-wide warrant for removal because they are inadmissible to Canada. It has been determined that they violated human or international rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act or under international law.”

We have all heard about that, right? No information on what they are accused of.. and did we read this? N.Y. pastor denies being a war criminal
How sure are they of what they are posting, or are they still running around half baked and putting people’s lives and reputations on the line? Did they actually learn anything from Arar and the other cases? Do I trust a government like this with my information? Should I??

And then we have the whole Israeli Apartheid Week drama coming up again, where Harper seems to think he can clamp down on criticism of Israel. So if criticizing Israel is already becoming a no-no, where will THIS road lead?

Then there is this.. Canada deports Chinese fugitive, lawyer says Wait, what?? We are sending him back to China? Because they said they wouldn’t torture him?? So, no, they haven’t actually learned anything…

And last on MY list of the stuff that has crossed my twitter… Canadian Citizen Tortured in Bahrain… But Harper Government Keeps Silent

But yeah.. Canada is great. We don’t actually torture people here.. but we don’t mind sending faulty information to Syria or the states.. and if you happen to be a Canadian and get tortured.. well we don’t have the balls to stand up for you…

But hey, what do we care.. it isn’t happening to us… yet..

Updating to add these: CSIS admits info used to brand refugee a threat linked to torture

Three years after finding Canadian complicity in torture, silence lingers in Ottawa

And then we do this..
Bangladeshi president’s alleged assassin, who now lives in Toronto, can’t be extradited: diplomat

As for Naser Al Rass, the Canadian in Bahrain, I have 2 blog posts on him. Go listen to his story. Sounds so much like this one. Is this why we don’t care?


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  1. The two main problems I have with Harper are:

    1. He blew a $ 13 BILLION Liberal surplus & racked up a $ 64 BILLION Con deficit

    2. He’s killing democracy in Canada



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