My brain wanders too much. It doesn’t seem to know how to be quiet. The wheels always seem to be turning, and lately they don’t turn on much that is good.

The past few months have been awful to watch.. the last couple of weeks, horrific.

What the dialogue in my head wonders about is why do we seem to have more empathy for some people’s pain and not for others? If we mourned for the individuals who die instead of it simply becoming a horrific statistic, would we crack?

We watched Oslo happen. The world stopped, we are hurt and outraged and pontificate on how this could happen? What kind of monster could do this? Is he crazy? What’s his agenda? What kind of punishment will be served?

We watch Norway deal with unbearable tragedy with grace and dignity. We mourn with them.

Syria today went from awful to horrific, and I wonder as I watch my twitter feed go by.. why doesn’t the world stop and take notice when 130 people get killed in one day? Have they become a statistic? The news cares, the average person over here doesn’t seem to notice. Have we become immune? Every day we (or I , at least) watch the reports and hear the numbers, today 12 people were killed in Homs, the next day 14 people are killed in Homs.. every day the same thing. Where is the moment of silence for all of these people, real living people with families, people who love them (if you watch the videos, even the children he is killing) Is it just unbearable to think about? Have we become desensitized to it? Are the people dying just faceless numbers we don’t relate to?

The sheer volume of killing I watch go by in my feed astounds me each day. With Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria news scrolling through my news feed (along with smatterings of other atrocities) the amount of hurt and evil that can be brought down on people and we sit here quietly and say nothing, it baffles me.

Is this the world we should be living in, in 2011? Shouldn’t we be so much farther by now? We let torture happen, racism, killing like it is nothing. We let governments terrorize their citizens to hold power. And where do these people go? Some freak goes on a rampage in Norway and there is a system for that. Justice, closure, for whatever that is worth. But when it is your government doing this to you, and the world doesn’t care, where are you supposed to go? What do you do? Where is your justice? Shouldn’t we all be allowed to live our lives not fearing the people who run our countries?

On one hand we have people for the most part taking a horrible incident (tragedy? crime? What do you even call it?) and acknowledging the evil that lives among us. On the other, we simply let crimes happen right in front of us, and there is no justice. No accountability. No mourning.

My heart hurts. How many more people will silently, voicelessly die?

I say I used to live in a bubble, it isn’t entirely true. I am a book nerd. This is the stuff I read about, but maybe it is just easier to mentally deal with when it is the past, when it is statistics. When it isn’t youtube videos and pictures that replay over and over in my dreams.

Do we let evil rule the world, or does the world turn people evil when they get power?

Here are some links for what I have been reading and watching…

‘Scores dead’ as Syrian tanks storm Hama city – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Syrian Military Attacks Protesters in Hama

In Syria, the government is the real rebel

Pakistani troops aid Bahrain’s crackdown

Guest Post: The Essential Rules Of Tyranny

PayPal hands over 1,000 IP Addresses to the FBI, look out Anonymous

Also adding this, the victims in Norway. Take a moment or two for them..

and for the ultimate comedy of the week…

How do you get all of Bahrain to watch your show? Why, you interview one of the most controversial Twitter personalities and let him make a fool of himself hahaha Especially when you air it the week after blog wars! Awesome isn’t even quite the word for this.. (it’s at 8:30 if you don;t want to watch the whole thing 🙂 Rumour is that this interview was an hour and a half long. Maybe they will release some more of it for our viewing pleasure! ) Oh, and if you actually read some of the crap I spew all over, interviewer nods are one of my biggest pet peeves.. I have to say, Seb’s in this interview is the best nod ever! Soooo makes me laugh. Hard.

Then completely unrelated but, I dunno this seems important.. bats dying… Imran seems to be reporting on a lot of fungus lately.. I won’t comment 😛

And I am putting this here too since I can never find it when I am looking for it..

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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