I don’t know where else to put this, can’t figure out how else to format it so that it makes sense. (Not that anyone reads anything here, except the one post that seemed to float all over for some reason I can’t understand, hopefully that is hidden now. I still stand by what I said but I feel awful that it wasn’t nice.)

Anyway, I don’t think I am going to go into a huge rant, and I know I am way over simplifying things, but this is bugging the hell out of me the last 2 days.

Video one is a report we have been watching on Aljazeera the last couple of days..

And this is Counting the Cost this week:

I know we ‘need’ space exploration and all, and there are economics and jobs blah blah behind the shuttle crap. But spending a billion dollars for a flight to space when we are watching people starve to death just.. I dunno.. hurts. Shouldn’t there be economics to feeding people? Sending food and water and giving real aid. And not that USAID bullshit.

I dunno.. anyway this should have been a ranty facebook status but it didn’t fit., So it is here. Not a complete thought.. but a grrrr get out of my head thing.. And twitlonger is for nerds, I am not using that either 😛


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  1. patman023 says:

    least its the last flight from the us, too bad their money went to the wars on drugs and terror…

  2. patman023 says:

    gets the whole sentiment across perfect.

  3. frayclose says:

    Did you actually post a song that doesn’t make my ears bleed for once? Whoah!

  4. patman023 says:

    lol yup 🙂

    and at his recent #yeg show, my fave artist called his stuff “nerd metal”, which explains it all 😛

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