I can’t believe I care enough about this to actually write about it.

Everyone seems to know I watch Aljazeera all day. To be fair it isn’t really on purpose, I used to flip from channel to channel all day, and then carry on with whatever I am doing and not watch it. I just can’t have something on in the background that annoys me. Aljazeera rarely annoys me, so I don’t seem to flip the channel.

That’s sort of where this blog comes in. There are only a couple shows on there that truly annoy me. One I am rarely awake for, so I don’t care. The other is The Stream. I want to like the The Stream, I really, really do. But I don’t. I hate The Stream. I try to watch it and then it either annoys or pisses me off and I end up leaving for work early or turning the channel when it’s on again in the evening.

Then this week happened. Imran Garda is guest hosting. The whole vibe of the show has changed. Monday I caught it half way through. Then I watched it again that night. Tuesday I actually watched the pre and post show. Then watched it again that night. Yesterday.. same thing..

There are a couple things that have changed this week, and the show has gone from ZOMG make it stop to OMG I LOVE this show!!

1. I’m sorry, but social media is not ‘hip’. Please stop trying to make it sound like it is. It’s really annoying. It’s geeky and dorky and, to anyone who isn’t doing it, most of what is talked about goes over their head. Imran is new to twitter and it just feels more accessible. Genuine. I honestly believe going down that road would be a whole lot more interesting.

2. Guests are allowed to talk. They aren’t cut off, there is a back and forth, a chatty, hanging out feel. Ahmed is allowed to talk without being corrected. That’s when I get annoyed and turn it off. Even with the feisty show yesterday, it was civil. I was glued to the tv.

3. I don’t know if it’s because of the inaccessible nature, or if it annoys more people than me, but the guests, etc seem to be a cool club of Twitter. A clique. Who is your audience? Are average tweeters engaged? The people on twitter all know who these people are. We see their views and opinions. We don’t have to watch The Stream to know. And it goes over the heads of the people who don’t ‘get’ social media. The Stream either needs to branch out to more ‘average’ users and involve the normal twitter community, or it needs to be more accessible to bring the twitter stars to the people who wouldn’t otherwise hear them. I don’t actually care which, to be honest, but I think you should pick one. This week, you seem to have done both. It rocks.

Only sounds like a couple simple things, huh? Crazy how it makes all the difference in the world. I would absolutely love to have this be permanent. Ahmed and Imran together rock this show. I am going to be really, really sad when it’s over. 😦 I can’t tell you enough how much I have absolutely enjoyed The Stream this week!


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  1. Artie Nemo says:

    I agree… the replacement anchor is very good… and also yummy

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