I was inboxed on Facebook the other day. I won’t name names, he can out himself if he wants to. I was told my tiara pic doesn’t go with my new activist persona. The whole activist title doesn’t really seem like me. I am interested and loud, but I don’t think I fall into that category. It has had me mulling over this topic for days.

Then there is the whole slacktivist movement on Facebook that drives a lot of us nuts. Changing your status for an hour, copying what someone else posted, to make people aware of an issue everyone is already aware of, isn’t changing the world. (it drives ME nuts! Stop inboxing me with that crap! 🙂 )

Is there a happy medium? Can you put forward issues you actually care about without standing in front of the government screaming and yelling, or sitting and having tea?

Let’s start a list, a list of what slacktivists can do that will help or draw attention to issues.

1. We can share articles, have conversations about issues important to us. Sign up for a news alert, share articles. Join groups on Facebook with the same interests that you can share articles from.

2. Petitions. I doubt the influence of most petitions, but it takes 2 seconds to add your name to one, and when something gets a huge amount of signatures, you know that people have thought about your issue for a few seconds at least.

3. Tweet at your representative. I tweet crap at Harper all the time. Do I think it will make a difference? I don’t know, but if his stream fills up with a bunch of people about an issue, he has to know it is important to us. They aren’t mind readers, and they are not reading our Facebook statuses. Remember it is usually the trolls who are the loudest, and sometimes the quiet, reasonable people have to yell to be heard. I am sure you could email as well, but I prefer it to be public.

4. Instead of changing your status, why not sign up for events? Events about something. Virtual events happen all the time. Does it make a huge difference? Not sure, but when a bunch of your friends sign up for an event, you take notice.

5. Even better, how about that event happens at an outing? Why not get some people together, go play pool or something, everyone donates $5 to a cause and you actually change something?

What do you do to try to motivate change?


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