Most people have figured out that my favourite movie of all time is Harvey with Jimmy Stewart. I use Pooka a lot for a nickname on stuff. I was a little drunk at the bar last weekend, and was asked what my fave movie was. I dunno if it just that I open my mouth and my heart falls out, or if it was the coolers, but I was telling him how Jimmy Stewart in this movie reminds me of my grandfather.
I only met him a couple times, he died when I was young, and I lived in Edmonton and he lived in London Ontario. The few times I met him I was just amazed by how simple, smart and funny he was. He was so pleasant, and told these silly jokes no one got but him, and then he would laugh and laugh and cover his face to regain himself. He was just a sweety. Not bad looking for old either haha. Just like Jimmy.
He once told me something that has got me through life. To this day it is my life’s motto. “If you don’t like my fence, don’t swing on my gate”
Smart man.
Get off my gate!!
My all time fave movie scene ever.
Miss you Grampa 🙂


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