I get asked the story of Spock pretty much every time I go to the doggy park. I dunno if it is very interesting, she is a little princess and everyone

LOOOVES her lol.

See, I have never been a dog person. I am actually a bunny person. Rabbits are the best pet ever! One of my clients game me theirs a billion years ago, and I fell in adore instantly. Maybe someday I will tell you the story of Chip. So the Fiance wanted a dog. I was like ok, fine. I love his parents dog, a mutt, absolutely beautiful and so well behaved. He decided he wanted a husky. I am not a pure bred person. I like mutts, the whole pretentiousness that seems to come with pure breds turn me off. Spock is not a photogenic dog lol. He showed me the pic and he was in love with this dumb dog. His mind was made up, he wouldn’t look at anything I wanted. So off to Rocky Mountain house we went to go get this dog.

We get to this awful run down trailer that reeked of feces as soon as you pull up. They have 3 dogs there and a cat. They tie the dogs up in their tiny yard to a tree to be outside. They bring out the dog and we are like OK we are going to take her for a walk. They don’t even have a leash for this dog. The dog doesn’t even know what walk means. I had never met a dog you could say walk around and they wouldn’t go nuts.

We take her for a walk and we get a little bit away and I am like this dog is coming home with us now! This is crap. We go back, give them the $300 bucks and Spock jumps in our car and never looks back. I sat in the back seat with her all the way home. And we are trying to decide on a name.

We had been to Star Trek the night before, and I looked at her and it just clicked. She looked just like a Spock. She answered to it immediately. And Spock Sylar was born lol.

We brought her home and she had a couple issues. She wasn’t house  broken and the first week I was in tears every day cleaning up after this dog. Then we went camping. Somehow the in law’s dog seemed to train my dog while camping, and she has got it ever since.

I have the prettiest, sweetest, best behaved dog ever. She is my best friend and I adore her. Actually everyone adores her. She is a little princess and loves unicorns too. How could it be wrong?


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